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Javier Fernández-Galeano


Photo credit: Andrew T. Creamer and Moisés Fernández

I am a historian of twentieth-century Argentina and Spain. My research and teaching interests include gender and sexuality in Latin America and Iberia, queer archives, psychiatry and forensic medicine, state violence, prison management, and transnational activist politics. My first book project traces the erotic lives and legal battles of Argentine and Spanish sexually/gender nonconforming people. I shift the focus to non-elite actors––rural populations, recruits and prisoners, fans of flamenco music, and defendants' mothers––and to queer transnationalism in spirituality, folk music, fashion and performance, and visual and material culture. 

I have a PhD in History from Brown University, where I graduated as a Mellon/ACLS fellow; a MA in Historical Studies from the New School for Social Research, where I was a Fulbright scholar; and two BAs in history and anthropology (both cum laude) from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. I have published in the Journal of the History of Sexuality, the Latin American Research Review, and Encrucijadas, among others.
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